About paramark

For more than 27 years, Lincolnshire-based Paramark has been working with individuals, small-to mid-sized business owners and Fortune 500 companies to develop creative approaches that get their messages out with the type of impact that generates results.

Founded in 1988 by Michael Finkelman and his band of designers, marketing strategists and web programmers, we’ve since expanded our solutions and offerings, and honed our abilities to provide a full range of integrated marketing services. We’ve got the right professionals with real experience, developer backgrounds and proven methodologies. We’re big on strategy and devour complexity. Our approaches are customized; our clients are personalized; our results are bona fide. Simply put, we’re here to make you look good.

Whether it’s an invitation, logo, advertising campaign (online or off), marketing materials or any other type of graphic design, Paramark will work with you to develop exciting and effective materials for your personal or professional marketing needs. From concept to creative, from insight to integrated campaign, Paramark can help you craft the image that creates the impression you want to present to the world.

Get in touch. Let’s talk marketing solutions.

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL  |  847-942-9913  |  msf@paramarkinc.com